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To understand projectin’s elastic property, the lab is focusing on three  projects:

1)Evolution of projectin sequences across insect evolution (Ayme-Southgate et al, 2008) 

2) Projectin isoform and flight performance in the dragonfly, Libellula pulchella.

3) Biophysical properties of projectin PEVK domain

|Recent Publications

1) Agnes Ayme-Southgate, Judith Saide, Richard Southgate, Christophe Bounaix, Anthony Cammarato, Sunita Patel and Catherine Wussler. (2006) In Indirect Flight Muscles Drosophila Projectin has a short PEVK domain, and its NH2-terminus is embedded at the Z-band. J. Muscle Res. Cell Mot. Feb 8:1-11 

2) Agnes Ayme-Southgate, Christophe Bounaix, Theresa E. Riebe and Richard Southgate. (2004) Assembly of the Giant Protein Projectin During Myofibrillogenesis inDrosophila Indirect Flight Muscles. Bio Med Central Cell Biol. 5:17 (30 Apr 2004) 

3) Ayme-Southgate, A. and Southgate, R. (2004) Projectin, the elastic protein of the C-filaments. In "Nature's versatile Engine: Insect Flight Muscle Inside and Out". Ed. Vigoreaux, J. ; Landes Bioscience Publishers. in press

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