BIOL 322: Developmental Biology (3 credits)

                                                                                                                                                                          Dr. Agnes Ayme-Southgate

                                                                                                                                                                                                       Dr. Richard Southgate



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BIOL 305: Genetics (3 credits)

Dr. Agnes Ayme-Southgate


BIOL 313: Cell Biology (4 credits)

Dr. Richard Southgate



                                                                                                    BIOL 111: Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology (3 credits)

                                                                                                                                                                           Dr. Agnes Ayme-Southgate


The basics of the science of heredity. The course encompasses mendelian genetics, the molecular basis of inheritance changes in chromosome number and structure, gene mapping, mutations and population genetics. Population and quantitative genetic approaches are applied to clarify the understanding of evolution.

Prerequisites: BIOL 111 / 111L, BIOL 112 / 112L,

                                          BIOL 211 / 211D

A foundation course for science majors emphasizing the concepts of structure and function in n biological systems at the molecular and cellular levels. Topics include biochemistry, biochemical and molecular evolution, cell function, respiration, photosynthesis, genetics and molecular biology.

Co-requisite: BIOL 111L

A study of the structural and functional correlates in cell biology. Topics include membrane specialization, cytoskeleton structure and function of cellular organelles, adhesion, motility, mitotic mechanisms, transport mechanisms, immunology, and energetics. Lectures three hours per week.

Prerequisites: BIOL 111 / 111L, BIOL 112 / 112L, BIOL 211 / 211D,  

                           One year of Chemistry

Pre or Co-requisite: BIOL 305

                * CHEM 232 can substitute BIOL 211 and BIOL 305

Lecture surveys the different stages of development from fertilization to organogenesis in both invertebrate and vertebrate model systems. Lecture covers both the descriptive nature of embryonic development, as well as the conserved molecular and cellular patterns. The laboratory covers some techniques of developmental biology, as well as histology slides of embryonic development, and research paper discussion. Lecture three hours per week / Laboratory three hours per week.

Prerequisites: BIOL 111 / 111L, BIOL 112 / 112L, BIOL 211 / 211D,        

                                          BIOL 305